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Speedwarning Application

TooFast (SpeedWarning App)


Save yourself expensive traffic tickets, avoid speeding, just let the TooFast app warn you about speed limits.

You can set one speed-limit and multiple speed-warnings. TooFast will inform you once you cross the speed-warnings and limit. It will show a warning sign, in addition you can have a acoustic signal. The TooFast app will determine the current speed via GPS and displays it in MPH or KM/H.


TooFast also offers a good HUD (Head Up Display) mode. Place your iPhone on the dashboard and TooFast will show you the current speed, and warnings in the windshield. A great feature for night rides.




- GPS speed tracking

- Speed warning if you cross a speed warning or limit. You can set multiple warnings and one limit

- HUD mode

- Day/Night mode

- MPH or KM/H units

- supports iPhone and iPad

- supports IOS 7 and also IOS 6 devices

- iPhone 4s / 5 / 5s / 5c recommended

- will work with iPhone 4 / 3GS and IOS 6.1.3


Warning: TooFast is no replacement for a build in Speedometer. Use at your own risk.