Tipa Tapa


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How fast can you TAP?


TIPA TAPA - a game of rhytm and reaction


Tipa Tapa is a highly addictive game, challenging your reaction !


Tipa Tapa is a very simply game: it shows you a symbol and you simply press the button matching the symbol before the next button is shown. Seems to be to easy? Well the symbols appear faster and faster and even two symbols are shown at the same time.


If you can keep up as the levels get higher you have the reaction of a superhero!


Share your highscores with your friends on Facebook or Twitter and brag how good you are.


In the Pro-Edition of Tipa Tapa you can even configure your own symbols and buttons using your own photos, or choose between two standard button sets.


Tipa Tapa is available on the App Store free of charge, and the ProUpgrade can be bought as an InApp purchase.


TIPA TAPA - how fast can you TAP?