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Scale pictures, changes formats, edit and manipulate pictures

PictureSqueezer - Pictures the way you want them


You need pictures for your website or a project? PictureSqueezer will manipulate many different formats and scale them to one format with one size. You can edit pictures, apply filters and remove transparencies (alpha channel). Scale pictures to a given size or fix the aspect ratio to a width or height.

Eidt multiple pictures in batchmode and store them into a new directory. PictureSqueezer offers you an easy and efficient workflow: select multiple pictures, edit and manipulate them, scale pictures and save them to a newly created directory.



- Fast and efficient Workflow, edit pictures und scale them - lightning fast

- Convert to different formats: PNG, JPEG, BMP, TIF, GIF or JPEG2000.

- Alpha-Channel-Remover: remove transparencies

- Scale to a fixed format or keep the aspect ratio to a fixed width or height.

- Easy and efficient workflow: new pictures are saved to a user selectable directory, which can be accessed directly from PictureSqueezer



- Scale and save to many different formats: (PNG, JEP, BMP, TIF, GIF, JPEG2000)

- Manipulate many different image formats: (e.g. PDF und RAW)

- New pictures are saved to a user specified folder, which can be accessed directly from within PictureSqueezer

- Scaled pictures are named following this naming convention (examples): Imgname_1280x800.png, Imgname_800x600.bmp, Imgname_6000x4000.tif


Please note: Down-scaling of images is recommended. Up-scaling may lead to artifacts.