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"Your iPhone Magnification Glass"

MAGtastic - the iPhone magnification glass

Many times in a store and could not read the small package printing?

Many times you needed a magnification glass and had none at hand?


From now on you have you magnification glass handy in your iPhone. MAGtastic is available for free in the Apple AppStore.


MAGtastic features:


  • Adjustable magnification upto x 3
  • Illumination via the iPhone flash light
  • AutoFocus or Fix-Focus


With the upgrade to the MAGtastic Pro Version you receive more cool features:


  • Magnification upto factor x 10
  • Take pictures of the magnification and store them in your photo roll
  • Adjustable lights (10% - 100%)


The Pro Version upgrade is available as In-App purchase.


MAGtastic -

the magnification glass in your iPhone