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Here is a brief overview of our current apps for IOS, Android and Mac OS X.

All apps are available in the Apple appstore and Google playstore:



MAGtastic - the iPhone magnification glass (IOS)

Ever needed to read the small package printing? How many times you missed a magnification glass and had none at issed.

From now on you have you magnification glass handy in your iPhone. MAGtastic features a adjustable magnification unto 10x (3x in the free version), adjustable illumination via the LED flash and voice controlled picture taking (in the Pro version). The Pro Version upgrade is available as In-App purchase.


MAGtastic - the magnification glass in your iPhone



TooFast (IOS)

Save yourself expensive traffic tickets, avoid speeding, just let the TooFast app warn you about speed limits.

You can set one speed-limit and multiple speed-warnings. TooFast will inform you once you cross the speed-warnings and limit. It will show a warning sign, in addition you can have a acoustic signal. The TooFast app will determine the current speed via GPS and displays it in MPH or KM/H.


TooFast also offers a good HUD (Head Up Display) mode. Place your iPhone on the dashboard and TooFast will show you the current speed, and warnings in the windshield. A great feature for night rides.




Tipa Tapa is a very simply game: it shows you a symbol and you simply press the button matching the symbol before the next button is shown. Seems to be to easy? Well the symbols appear faster and faster and even two symbols are shown at the same time.



Fractale (Android)

Dive into the world of mathematical wonders. Explore fractals, mandelbrot and julia set. Create a unique masterpiece and share it with your friends. Create wonderfull and intriguing fractals.



Picture Squeezer (OS X)

You need pictures for your website or a project? PictureSqueezer will manipulate many different formats and scale them to one format with one size. You can edit pictures, apply filters and remove transparencies (alpha channel). Scale pictures to a given size or fix the aspect ratio to a width or height.

Eidt multiple pictures in batchmode and store them into a new directory. PictureSqueezer offers you an easy and efficient workflow: select multiple pictures, edit and manipulate them, scale pictures and save them to a newly created directory.



Icon Squeezer (OS X)

A fantastic tool to scale images and create icons for IOS, Mac OSX, Android and Windows Mobile. Scale multiple images, selecting them simply by drag & drop. Icon sizes for IOS, OS X and Android are predefined, in addition you can custom scale images. Image Squeezer is a easy to use tool for a fast and efficient workflow.