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Create icons for IOS, OSX, Android

and Windows Mobile

Scale images

IconSqueezer - Icons the way you want them


A fantastic tool to create icons for IOS, Mac OSX, Android and Windows Mobile and scale pictures. Scale multiple images, selecting them simply by drag & drop. Icon sizes for IOS, OS X and Android are predefined, in addition you can custom scale images. Image Squeezer is a easy to use tool for a fast and efficient workflow.



- Easy workflow, lightning fast image scaling

- Predefined icon profiles for IOS, OSX, Android and Windows Mobile

- Custom image scaling

- Batch mode: scale multiple images at once

- Alpha-Channel-Remover: delete transparencies

- Select one or multiple images via drag & drop

- Efficient workflow: scaled icons or images are stored to a new directory, which can be opened directly from Image Squeezer



- PNG, JPG, TIF and GIF.

- Icons for IOS, OSX, Android and Windows Mobile are exported in PNG format.

- Icons following naming conventions (examples): Imgname_IOS_XX@YxZ.png, Imgname_OSX_xx.png, Imgname_ANDR_48@mdpi.png, Imgname_WINM_48.png